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Aeschynomene fluitans - Giant Water Sensitive Plant

Cyperus 'Prince Tut' - Prince Tut Egyptian Papyrus

Cyperus alternifolius - Umbrella Plant

Cyperus alternifolius 'Gracilis' - Miniature Umbrella Plant

Cyperus haspan - Sharp Edge Sedge

Cyperus haspan 'Viviparus' - Dwarf Sharp Edge Sedge

Cyperus involucratus 'Baby Tut' - Baby Tut Umbrella Grass

Cyperus papyrus - Papyrus

Cyperus papyrus 'King Tut' - King Tut Egyptian Papyrus

Eichhornia crassipes - Water Hyacinth

Equisetum japonica - Barred Horsetail

Hibiscus acetosella 'Haight Ashbury' - Haight Ashbury Hibiscus

Hibiscus acetosella 'Little Zin' - Little Zin Hibiscus

Hibiscus acetosella 'Mahogany Splendor' - Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus

Hippuris vulgaris - Mare's Tail

Myriophyllum aquaticum - Parrot Feather

Myriophyllum brasiliensis - Red Stemmed Parrot Feather

Nelumbo 'Russian Red' - Lotus empress

Nymphaea 'Attraction' - Attraction Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Barbara Dobbins' - Barbara Dobbins Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Blue Beauty' - Blue Beauty Tropical Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Charlene Strawn' - Charlene Strawn Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Colorado' - Colorado Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Comanche' - Comanche Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Hollandia' - Hollandia Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Marliacea Chromatella' - Marliacea Chromatella Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Pink Grapefruit' - Pink Grapefruit Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Pink Sensation' - Pink Sensation Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Star Of Zanzibar' - Star Of Zanzibar Tropical Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Wanvisa' - Wanvisa Hardy Water Lily

Oenanthe javanica - Water Celery

Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo' - Flamingo Variegated Water Celery

Orontium aquaticum - Golden Club

Oryza sativa - Asian Rice

Pontederia cordata 'Alba' - White Pickerelweed

Typha angustifolia - Narrowleaf Cattail

Typha gracilis - Cattail

Typha latifolia 'Variegata' - Variegated Cattail

Typha minima - Miniature Cattail

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